As you can see my format and page has completely changed directions because I was sent a friendnamie note about using pictures from the internet.

Something that I was not aware of until yesterday, so I totally deleted my all social media attached to my former self and I’m starting from scratch.

Soon I will have new media accounts and we’ll get reacquainted with each other for those of you who have been following me.

So hang in there with me while I go through renovations. Hopefully you will enjoying what you read and encourage others and we can blow up this blog.

One thing that will definitely change is my persistent up the minute entertainment area. As you see this will no longer be an entertainment blog, but I will discuss “life issue” both personal and worldwide.

I had prior commitments to project when I first started blogging as a way to kill idle time and over the course of 5 months, I created a monster.

I am re-dedicating myself to completing my project that will generate, hopefully lots of extra income to travel on the amazing trips I had written about.

So hang in there if you can and it will be smooth sailing ⛵️.



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