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It’s that time of year when that one thing becomes the hot item of the Christmas season. This year it is the “Hatchimal.”

What is a “Hatchimal?” Hatchimals are a new mechanical robot creatures that arrive in an egg, hatch themselves, and then evolve as you play with them.

What’s unusual about the toy is the one-time hatching that occurs some point after the toy is taken out of the box. Exactly how long it takes the egg to start hatching depends on how the child plays with it.

Rub, pat or even knock on the egg and the creature inside responds in kind with lights, sound and movement. After half an hour or so of interaction the egg glows rainbow colours and the creature inside starts trying to get out by methodically tapping away the shell with its beak.

Of course when I saw it, it was a must have for my two granddaughters, and one for me, well since I couldn’t find the cute real live Hedgehog that I wanted.

If you’re planning on having one of these cute, little furry animals. Guess again. Greedy personal sellers have scooped them up and are selling them at ridiculous prices. And retail stores will not have them back in stock until after the middle of January.

So my advice to you would be to wait until January and obtain one for your child (or yourself). Don’t let someone take $100-$200 dollars of your had earned money for an egg that hatched one. Nine times outta ten, after it hatches they’ll be done playing with it.

And just think, next year it will be something else that’s hot and you’ll be on the hunt again.


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