An Ohio man who passed a stranded motorist because she had a Donald Trump supportive sticker on her car caused quite a stir on social media.

Troy Brown wrote on his status December 13, “I was going to help her, but she has a #Trump sticker on her car.” He passed by the possibly stranded driver during his commute that day.

He also added in jest, “A list of people Trump voters can call for help: 1. Yo president 2. Exxon Mobil CEO 3. General Flynn’s son 4. The gunman at Comet pizza in DC.”

Well the post didn’t go over so well with some people. Someone wrote ““Piece of black sh**,” another person wrote “Proof this man never made it pass 6 grade.”

Brown later decided to respond to the haters:

For my beloved Trump supporters,

I’ve received a lot of feedback; both good and bad concerning the supporter which I’ve left in the blizzard. As an American citizen, I’m not here for your deeply rooted hatred! Nor am I here for your self righteous comments when the time permits and benefits the Caucasian community. Where were you all during Trumps rallies when blacks and Muslims were trampled? Where were you all when Trump settled in court? Nothing but love! However, I’ve provided a list below which allows you and your peers to call for help in a time of need:

1. Yo President

2. ExxonMobil Rex W. Tillersonrson

3. General Flynn’s Son! Michael T. Flynn

4. Gunman at Comet Pizzeria in D.C.


Personally, if someone is stranded in a snowstorm, I’m not going to pass them by if they’re in need of help.

I also can recognized would that person had done the same if the situation was reversed because they were Black and had an Obama sign?

Sign of the times…


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