This is becoming a regular occurrence now. 

A man and a woman were arrested and escorted off a Delta flight leaving Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport going to Los Angelas, California on Wednesday.

Officials say the couple became disruptive and would not follow instructions from the flight crew. A video that was uploaded to YouTube by Patrick Whalen shows the man attacking another passenger as officers try to remove him from the plane. The woman curses as officers remove her and then you can here her asking what she’s being arrested for.

Take a look at the video.

Is there something in air when you board a Delta plane that causes you to act unusual or out of character? Or is the airline intentionally picking on people who have a difference of opinion on issues/problems on their flights?

I still would like to know why the Trump supporting man who went on a rant and disrupted the flight with racist and sexist comments about women and Hillary Clinton was not removed a couple of weeks ago?

Delta, do you have an answer?


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