I have been wanting to lose weight for about 2 years now, but because of health issues it seemed impossible.

I started out at a 125lbs, size 7 back in 1990 when I married my husband. Here I am today at 265, size 18.

For 2017, I’ve decided it’s not just a want, but a need. I run the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, cancer and deteriorating knees. I also run the risk of dying at an earlier age than the life expectancy in my area of 80.

I had a bout with cancer approximately 2 years ago, my spine without warning collapsed, and my legs and feet have developed severe nerve damage. I have no feeling from my calf to my feet.

It’s so frustrating shopping for nice, trendy clothes when everything in your size is flowers or bland. I find myself crying at times over my crisis.

So this begins my journey. I have become physically unable to walk, sit or stand more than 15 minutes, so I will start with 15 minutes of cardio.

I encourage anyone who wants to tag team me in their struggle with weight. If we all stick together, we can beat this thing called “obesity.” I want to be here when my grandkids graduate from high school, or walk down the aisle. To grow old together with my husband of 26 1/2 years and travel around the world.

Come and follow me on my journey. I will be updating once a week. 

All encouragement is welcomed!


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