Dear Mr. President and First Lady Michelle Obama this is my letter of thank you from my family to yours.

You will always and forever be my President and First Lady. Thank you for bringing elegance and class back to the White House. Thank you for showing young girls and boys of all minorities, that you can do and be anything you want to be thru education and perseverance.
I salute you, your wife, girls and mother in law for time well spent. For the grace, dignity and humanity you gave everyday in the face of every blockade from the Republicans. And for bringing this country the greatest and most productive 8 years it has had since the Kennedys built Camelot. You and the First Lady were our “Royal Family” and you will be sorely missed. 

We can only pray that your decisions and the foundations that you have built through hard work will be preserved and not be torn apart and dismantled. I pray that this country will not become more divided than before and we are not taken 60 years back to a time of fear.
Prayers and safe blessings in all your future endeavors. And for an America that your daughters can look back on and be proud to say “Our Dad was a great American President.”

Thank you Mr. President and First Lady

My sincerest thoughts 

Elaina McFadden, Everyday Living Blog

#imwiththeObamas  #hesstillmyPresident  #shesstillmyFirstLady


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