Sandra Jemetski, 48, of Washington State has been charged with a hate crime after a Facebook Live video of her ranting and threatening her Mexican neighbor went viral. 

She followed her neighbor while she driving her son’s school. While in the car, she recorded a 10 minute long racist video about immigrants.

The Seattle Times is reporting that Jametski spoke of her neighbor, Delores, and how she needs to leave the country. 

“This is America. We don’t drive like that here. We don’t drive like you’re in Mexico, lady,” Jametski said, referring to Delores. “This is my freakin’ neighborhood. This is where I grew up. I grew up here, not them. This woman don’t deserve to belong here, she don’t belong here. She don’t f**king belong here.”

The situation escalated beyond the video to a threatening level when Jametski got out of her car and threatened the neighbor in the school parking lot.

“I went to this school!” she shouted. “You have no freaking right to go to this school! You don’t even have a right to be in this country… Keep laughing, s**c, because I’m going to be standing right here when your son comes out of school!”

Jametski was identified, arrested and charged with a hate crime in early December. 

This is what Donald Trump has started and exactly what we don’t need here. More racism. 

I hope she is charged to the maximum allowed by law, because saying to that Mom “I’m gonna be here when your Son gets out of school” is a threat not to be taken lightly. 

She’s lucky it was her and not me!


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