After nearly 62 years has passed since the murder of 14 year Emmett Till, the woman at the center of the case has decided to finally admit that she fabricated the story, reported by Vanity Fair. 

Carolyn Bryant Donham Donham admitted to fabricating her story when she met with Timothy Tyson in 2007. Tyson is the author of the book titled The Blood of Emmett Till. Donham is quoted as saying, “Nothing that boy did could ever justify what happened to him.” 

Bryant alleged at that time that Till used an “unprintable” to describe the fact that he had been “with white women before.”

“That part’s not true,” she told Tyson in regards to her claim that Till made physical and graphic verbal advances. 

Later on, the 72 year old explained that she could not remember the details of what else happened in the country store. 

At the trial, it was Donham’s testimony of abuse that led to the acquittal of her husband and his half-brother.

Understandably, people are upset and expressed their feelings of anger on Twitter.

Do you think Carolyn Bryant Donham should be prosecuted for Emmett Till’s murder?

Let us know.


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