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According to Actress Keisha Knight Pulliam, Ex-NFL star Ed Hartwell has been a deadbeat father and has not provided any support for her and their newborn, forcing her to take time off from her acting career to solely care for their child, Ella Grace.

Ella Grace was born almost a week ago and Pulliam claims Hartwell never checked in on her throughout her entire pregnancy and did not pay for his part of the prenatal care, paternity test or any other expenses they had to share prior to the arrival of their daughter.

Also, Pulliam says he demanded a DNA test to prove that Ella Grace was his prior to her birth, but refused to submit his DNA sample even after she submitted both hers and their then unborn daughter’s. She said she paid $795 for her portion of the test costs.

He needs to get it together regardless of whatever happened between him and his ex-wife and take care of his daughter. 
Hartwell was previously married to reality TV star Lisa Wu from the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Hollywood Divas. She and Hartwell share a son. Wu was also married to Singer Keith Sweat. 

Wu, Hartwell and Pulliam were all close friends at one time. Sips tea…..


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