If you saw Basketball Wives this past Sunday you know Tami Roman looked like a messy, pot stirring maniac when it came to her tossing old bones from the closet of Evelyn Lozada.

It all started regarding a post made by Lozada on another Basketball Wives star, Jackie Christie’s Daughter’s IG post.

Somehow, something that appeared so positive seemed to be shaded by Roman and then passed on to Christie for questioning whether Lozada was really being “sweet” to Christie’s daughter or being negative to Christie on her parenting skills. So Christie went to the source (Lozada) for an explanation. 

Needless to say, Roman has now taken to social media to explain, but not apologize on the way things went down.

My question is, why is the post still being talked about, period? I know things are scripted to be more entertaining, but we’re talking about a baby that was hurt. Some things should be left out of “Basketball Woves (Wives)” scripted entertainment.

Do you think Tami was just being messy on a sly or do you think the editing was the culprit?


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