There’s a new trend surfacing that could either make you a parent or a statistic. 

It’s called “Stealthing.”

Stealthing is when your partner secretly removes his condom during sex without the consent of the lady he is having sex with.

Some think this act is a form of sexual assaul because of the act of sex without a condom violates your rights to say “No”, and therefore, should be punishable by law.

Others think it’s not that serious.

But considering the high rate of infection you may face from Herpes, HIV and other STDs, should it be considered a crime if you are put at risk without permission?

What about pregnancy? If you become pregnant because of this malicious act, should you be able to sue for damages?

According to the lead author of the report in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law,Alexandra Brodsky, “stealthing” is a form of sexual assault, and that’s not good. Sexual assault is a serious crime, my friends.

“One of my goals with the article, and in proposing a new statute, is to provide a vocabulary and create ways for people to talk about what is a really common experience that just is too often dismissed as just ‘bad sex’ instead of ‘violence,’” Brodsky told the Huffington Post.

Brodsky says that while existing laws don’t cover “stealthing,” a new law would be a good way to address this issue. “At its best, such a law would clearly respond to and affirm the harm victims report by making clear that ‘stealthing’ doesn’t just ‘feel violent’ — it is.”

And apparently there are online communities where men encourage one another to “stealth” and take off their condoms during sex, because they think it’s a man’s right to “spread one’s seed.”

But men beware of false advertisement. A Swiss court convicted a man of rape after he took his condom off during sex without telling his partner. 


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