Who knew K. Michelle had time to look at daytime television, must less being a fan of the talk show “The Real.”

Last week’s ever changing guest co-host was none other than Angela Yee, radio talk show host on the popular show “The Breakfast Club.”

While she co-host, the subject came up about an incident on the show where K. Michelle got into an argument with Yee over some old mess that happened with another guest talking about her and the fact that she thought Yee should have stood up for her.

As Angela recalls, the whole thing was like a scene out of Love & Hip Hop. K.Michelle started fussing at her, but Angela tried to diffuse the situation by just not giving it any energy.

“My whole thing is this,” Angela said, “If you start talking to me crazy, I’m not engaging in that. I’m just not saying anything.”

Yee ended the conversation by saying  “Just don’t come to the show again. If you have a problem, don’t come.”

Loni (and the rest of the cast) applauded Angela for her approach. She thought it was a mature way to handle the situation.

Well K. Michelle must not have been happy with the way Loni in particularly responded because she decided to clap loudly at Loni.

Whoops! #KMichelle & #LoniLove share words on Twitter 👀 (SWIPE FOR MORE)

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But it didn’t stop there cause you don’t clap at Loni and don’t expect one back. She responded by saying.

 “Come on #thereal and say it girl,” Loni responded. “Now don’t you trot to @WendyWilliams first!”

Ladies, can’t we all just go on and get along.


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