Here is an extensive list of pre-existing conditions that could make you ineligible or cost you your first born for healthcare.

Instead of taking us back to pre-Obamacare days, the Republicans are trying to make insurance even harder for anyone with a pre-existing condition. Thanks Paul Ryan.Watch out, here comes the list in a series of tweets from Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio).

From A to Z, here goes.

So that means no one in the United States except your unborn baby (unless they add fetuses to the list) will be covered or you will be paying higher premiums.

How are the elderly, disabled, low income and the working middle class going to obtain and afford healthcare?

Well America, you were so happy to have such a fair President in the White House. How’s that working for you now?

I guess you’d better start looking for a book on home remedies and natural herbal supplement cures to keep yourself healthy. 

And oh, if you need an operation? I hear they’re cheaper in Mexico.


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