After being exposed Sunday night on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” for starting the vicious lie that cause Porsha Williams to look like an idiot and could have caused Kandi Burrus a spot on a jail cell, you’d think Phaedra Parks would not let another lie spill out of her mouth EVER on national TV.

Guess again?

Attorney James Radford, who was the attorney for Angela Stanton has announced in a series of tweets Phaedra’s claim that she “sued and won” her case against Angela Stanton, are false.

He wrote. “We were ready to go to trial. Had served subpoenas, filed evidentiary motions, prepared exhibits. Day before trial, her lawyers offer to dismiss her case with prejudice, if we will agree not to appeal on counterclaims we had filed, and we did agree.”

Parks sued Stanton last year for defamation after she claimed the reality star knew of her husband’s fraud involvements.

Stanton showed her proof by way of a court document that Phaedra dismissed her complaint against her.

But here’s the real tea, Kandi Burrus had a surprise guest show up at an event.

OOP! 👀 Look who stopped by OLG last night to pay #KandiBurruss a visit! #RHOA

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