By now everyone has heard about Steve Harvey’s email to his staff.

Well one radio show personality had his own take on this. Donnie Simpson “The Green Eyed Bandit,” decided to do his own email to his staff as a clear response to Harvey’s.

Here’s Donnie’s memo to his staff. Steve take note.

“Good morning everyone. Welcome.

I’d like you all to review and adhere to the following notes and rules for season 63 of my life.

Meeting me in my dressing room is cool anytime. Just pop in. Anyone. Anytime.

Please don’t feel like you have to be invited to my dressing room. I’m always available.

IF YOU OPEN MY DRESSING ROOM DOOR, YOU WILL NOT BE REMOVED. You may be surprised, but not removed.

My security team consists of my grandkids. 9-year-old Norah, 6-year-old Cooper, 3-year-old Ellie, and 16-month Eden. Ellie, in particular, is not good at playing hide and seek. So if you’re trying to see me, she’ll be happy to tell you exactly where I’m at.

Don’t ever feel like you’re ambushing me. I don’t like people thinking I’m unapproachable.

When you see me, say what you gotta say. You don’t need no damn appointment.

My policy is loose and lenient. Always feel free to take advantage of that.

When I’m in the makeup chair, it’s a perfect time to talk to me. It’s 20 minutes of something I don’t want to do anyway. I welcome the distraction. Excuse my lack of eye contact though. I have someone applying eyeliner around my eyes and someone else cutting hairs out of my nose and my ears.

I am seeking more free time for all of us throughout the day. We all want to get home to our real lives and Loves.

If you see me in the hall and want to talk to me about something, bring it. I prefer things informal. We don’t need a meeting. I’ll be happy to walk with you in the hallway or to sit on the floor and talk if you want. Whatever’s cool with you, is cool with me.

If you’re reading this know that I Love you and don’t view my life as anymore important than yours. I mean that and I think you know that.

I can’t imagine I’ve said anything here that offends anyone, but if I have, please let me know. However, for that, you will need an appointment. Just kidding.

These new rules are really just one old rule. A rule we all learned in the 3rd grade or bible school. The Golden Rule. I believe it said treat others as you want to be treated.

Love you all, 

Donnie Simpson


Now that’s how you treat your staff. You do not act like you’re too big of a success to deal with the very people who helped you climb that ladder.

Shame on you Steve and all hail Donnie!


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