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Mechelle Epps, estranged wife of comedian Mike Epps says she was manipulated into accepting a low balled settlement agreement in their divorce.
Mechelle claims her estranged husband has stopped his support payments to her and, ultimately, cut her off financially, in an attempt to force her to go along with his low-ball deal according to Bossip.

The comedian says she gets $26,503 because he owes debts to the “tax man” and that should serve as priority.

Bossip obtained a declaration from Mechelle outlining her outrage over the situation.

“Mike is attempting to force me to settle by cutting off my support,” she said. “He has been paying our bills like always, until recently. Now, he is cutting off my access to bank accounts and credit cards in an attempt to coerce me to settle.”

Epps attorneys supported his claims that he owes the IRS $2.6 million. The comedian is saying his family’s high-price lifestyle was, pretty much, funded with debt, and with the little savings he has stowed away, he has no other choice but to sell his properties to keep his alimony and child support payments going.

Mechelle, however, says she will need the full amount in order to support herself, the upkeep of their LA mansion and care for their two children, Moriah, 12, and Madison, 10.

She says the hefty maintenence of their mansion and their daughters’ needs total $33,000. That does not include their daughters’ $72,000 yearly private school tuition cost, and the $5,000 and $10,000 a month she spends on clothes and shoes for herself and the children.

Well Mechelle, the IRS is nothing to play with. Mess with them, you won’t have a car, mansion or anything else.

Let that man pay his tax bill.
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