Sometimes life at the top ain’t easy.

Reality star Karlie Redd is stating in February her 2014 Porsche Panamera was “stolen” from her garage and taken back to the dealership. 

It is being reported by TMZ that Redd claims the men also took an unspecified amount of jewelry and clothing after entering her home. 

She apparently traced the 2014 Porsche through an app and called police, telling them her vehicle was at the dealership.

However, The dealership, Vanderhall Exotics of Houston, has since responded and says they repossessed the car because Redd hadn’t made enough payments on it. Karlie is denying these claims and says she’s made $43,300 worth of payments on the Porsche she purchased for $57,397.

In a lawsuit filed by Redd, she doesn’t want the car back, however she does want all of her money back.

Nothing was mentioned about whether she was late on those payments, thus justifying the repo, though. 

Who do you believe?


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