ABC News
William Balfour, who is serving three life sentences for the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and 7 year old nephew is now singing a different tune. Despite the evidence against William, he believes that this was all part of a bigger scheme concocted by the Chicago Police Department. 

In an interview with ABC News 7 Balfour denied involvement. 

“I didn’t have nothing to do with her family being killed. Period,” he said. “I didn’t have nothing to do with the case and don’t know who had anything to do with the case.”

Balfour was questioned about the events surrounding October 24, 2008, the day the the murders were committed. Balfour said that he never had possession of the gun used to kill all three victims even though forensic evidence proved otherwise. The keys to the stolen vehicle where Hudson’s nephew was found were supposedly discovered in his pocket. 

ABC News
Witnesses testified that he threatened to kill the family, but Balfour discounted that accusation as well. “No. Never. Not one time did I ever threaten her, period,” he said.

Balfour, 34, is adamant that his case wasn’t handled properly claiming that the keys were not processed in a timely manner and that his legal team was rushed to trial. 

An appeal filed last year was rejected and the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear his case. It is curious that Balfour would speak out now, but authorities are convinced that he is their man.

In a statement from the Cook County State’s Attorney spokesperson.

“The defendant was convicted of these heinous crimes, including the vicious murder of a 7 year old child, after a very lengthy trial before a Cook County Jury. He was afforded every legal right and provided the opportunity to present any relevant defense. The evidence establishing this defendant’s guilt of these unspeakable crimes was overwhelming.” 

Bro, you do the crime, you do the time.


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