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Kathy Griffin spoke out earlier today at a press conference in tears.

She believes the Trumps are trying to sabotage her entire career.

“If you don’t stand up, you get run over,” she said. “A sitting president of the United States and his grown children and the first lady are personally trying to ruin my life forever. Forever. You guys know him he’s never going to stop.”

All of this trouble is the fallout from Griffin’s infamous picture holding a bloody head that resembled Trump.

Splash News

Griffin said “I’ve had everybody turn on me, and I just want to make people laugh. That’s all I want to do. I screwed up.”

She added, “I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He is a bully,” she said. Kathy is also being investigated by the Secret Service.

Kathy broke down in tears when she was asked, “Do you have fear for your career after this storm dies down?”

“Absolutely,” she answered. “I don’t think I’ll have a career after this. I’m going to be honest, he broke me, she said, sobbing. 

When asked how she felt about being fired from CNN she said it hurt her: “Look, there’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me.” She also went into detail about the sexism in the entertainment industry and how this type of backlash wouldn’t happen to a male comic.

Griffin was fired promptly by CNN from her longtime gig co-hosting the network’s New Year’s Eve special. 

She said she was sorry for participating in the shoot and posting the photo.

Every action has a reaction, but we all know 45 is also quite a bully of women. Would she have been harassed as much had she been Bill Maher or Jimmy Kimmel?


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