He had only two short years on this Earth, but he was truly loved by all he touched.

Eli Thompson, 2, who was born without a nose, died on Saturday with his courageous parents by his side.

Eli gained notoriety from online supporters with his bright eyes, smiles and fist bumps.

His Father, Jeremy Finch posted on Facebook “We lost our little buddy last night. I’ll never be able to make sense of why this happened, and this will hurt deeply for a long time. But I’m so blessed to have had this beautiful boy in my life!”


Eli suffered from a rare congenital facial condition called arhinia, that has only been recorded 30 times, according to the National Institute of Health. He had no nasal passages or sinus cavities. 

His father said that Eli had begun communicating using baby sign language and had started speech therapy at home.  

He was nicknamed “Miracle Baby” who’s life was documented through his Facebook page “Eli’s Story.” The page has since been taken down.


A GoFundMe was set up and has well exceeded its initial goal of $12,000 with over $16,000 (at time this was published).

Our hearts go out to Eli and his family. Rest easy with the angels.


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