Reginae Carter just graduated high school and looking forward to college.

But don’t let her age fool you because when it comes to her family, she’s on it.

Reginae laid into Tamar Braxton after she made a comment calling her mother Toya Wright “Paperback Toya.”

This was in response to Tamar’s post where apologized to Tiny for their misunderstanding. But Tamar decided while issuing the apologetic post, she would blast Toya.

Why Tamar, why?

Wee all knew Toya was not going to sit back and just let that go. She read Tamar up and down. She Toya posted an epic slam against Tamar on Instagram, provoked by Tay referring to her as a “paperback” whatever that means. 

Somebody check to see if Tamar has any ass left to chew?

Getty Images

Question is, do you think Reginae should stay in a “child’s place?”

I think Tiny said it best.


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