Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to promote her new line of camouflage swimwear (just released today).

But the drama started when Perez Hilton tweeted “@KylieJenner is trying to make camo bikinis a thing…” to which one user responded, “Destiny Child’s didn’t wear camo bikinis 16 years ago in Survivor video for you to say Kylie is the one to start the trend. Respect yourself  

And Black Twitter was having none of it.

Perhaps it slipped Hilton’s mind that Destiny’s Child wore camos in their “Survivor” video 16 years ago. 

In any case, Kylie is also being accused of stealing the style from another designer.

Kylie has been accused of cultural appropriation before, most notably, she was accused of the same when she donned cornrows and wigs, prompting actress Amandla Stenberg to write: “When you appropriate black features and culture but fail to use your position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards your wigs instead of police brutality or racism.” 


Always wrapped up in controversy.

Do you think it’s done intentionally or honest mistakes?

You be the judge.


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