Bill Maher hit the airwaves last night with his usual banter and bought out his Black friend, Michael Eric Dyson to serve as sort of a “character witness” to confirm he’s not prejudice.

It’s didn’t work, but on to the real fireworks.

Rapper and Actor Ice Cube entered the arena and boy did Bill Maher look like the perverbial child who got caught with his hand in the beloved cookie jar.

Take a look at the exchange.

Bill didn’t look to happy, but the point was made.

You may have a couple of Black girlfriends, or a black friend. Does that give you a pass?

Absolutely not! That word has always and will always be a point of contention in our community.

You don’t not have the right to say jokingly or otherwise. Saying that word can get you a punch in the face or a trip to blackball heaven because your show and your career is over.

I think Maher’s show should be done with if HBO had a backbone. But Maher and the “good ole boys” probably sat around, drank a few brews and said to each other “let’s not say that word in public, but it’s okay amongst ourselves” as they grab their ten gallon hats and headed home to their gated communities in the pickup trucks.

You’re done as far as I concerned and as it should be with every person of color. 


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