Bride-to-be Rachel Lenhoff (second from left) and her bridesmaids work out with trainer Sue Flemming (second from right), owner of Bridal Bootcamp. Edmund J Coppa

How far would you go for your friend if you were her Bridesmaid?

That is the big question.  In some cases brides have set the bar high and present their bridesmaids with an ultimatum; to alter their physical appearances before The Big Day.

Dr. Norman Rowe, a plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side says he’s been surprised to see an increasing number of brides come in with their maids of honor, and even entire bridal parties, to get filler or Botox.

The New York Post recently interviewed several brides and bridesmaids about this trend. One bride shamelessly demanded her bridesmaids to “get fit”, saying that she only wants them to “feel pretty” and to “feel confident in themselves”. 

To meet her ideas of perfection, she asked them to get hair extensions and ask them not to wear swimsuits with straps at her bachelorette party to avoid getting undesirable tan lines.

She even went as far as to asking one bridesmaid who just gave birth to “drop a few pounds”, and another to have her earlobe cosmetically fixed in order to wear chandelier earrings to the wedding party. 

Another bride interviewed detailed on how she’s planning to purchase clean eating meal plans for her bridal party so they could “look good and feel good” while they’re standing next to her at the wedding. 

They would be dieting and exercising together, much like the Victoria’s Secret Angels before they do their annual fashion show. They would also have coordinated yoga sessions and outdoor dance parties to make the workouts more bearable.

Boutique gyms are catching on to the trend, with studios including Y7 Studio, Pure Barre, Physique 57, SoulCycle and others hyping private sessions for bachelorette parties. 

Women are quick to “fix” whatever is wrong to make that person’s big day special. 

But remember ladies, bridesmaids usually consists of your family and friends. Don’t ruin a relationship just to have your big day be “perfect.”

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, not their waistline.


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