Racial intolerance is at its peak and shows no sign of getting better, especially when parents don’t teach their children humility.

Aina Adewunmi, 15, was shocked when she saw a picture of herself with a noose around her neck posted in a group chat room.

Adewunmi enrolled in classes at Palisades Charter High in January where she was added to a chemistry group chat room by several boys. Every was going well or so she thought until the boys started using Dacia slurs.

“They added me to their group chat and then started using the N-word,” Aina said. “I said they can’t use the word, and that’s when I thought I set the boundary.”

On May 23, one of the boys who she told she no longer wanted to be associated with him posted the image. 

“I got up and told the principal immediately and nipped it in the bud,” she told CBS LA.

No one was more surprise than Adewunmi mother. 

“When I saw my child depicted like that, it was hurtful,” her mother, Tracy Adewunmi, told CBS LA.

The boys have since apologized and suspended for the remaining days of school, but she doesn’t think it’s enough.

“The first step is remove the boys from the school. They can not be allowed to come back,” Aina’s mother said. “The second step is to educate the population to let the people know that this behavior is not acceptable,” Aina’s mother said.

The family has hired an attorney.


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