Looks like the viewers may never get to see Bachelor in Paradise Season 4.

There has been a claim of sexual misconduct between contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

It seems there was a very engaging sexual encounter with Jackson that Olympios claims she did not consent to.

And it’s all on tape.

TMZ is reporting that sources told them that Corinne was too drunk to consent to sexual contact with DeMario when the two ended up naked in a pool together at the end of a day of filming in Mexico.

While Olympios says she doesn’t recall a thing because she was blacked out.

Funny, JaCkson seems to remember EVERYTHING from rubbing, touching, and fingering” to licking her genitals.

Who goes around licking…..nevermind.

Jackson was a designated villain on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, while Olympios was the villain contestant on The Bachelor with Nick Viall. Their reported “hook-up” was suppose to create buzz on the show.

A source close to the series told Los Angeles Times reporter Amy Kaufman that a producer witnessed Corinne and DeMario’s encounter, and ended up filing a third party complaint.

TMZ’s sources said several contestants told the production crew that Corinne was too drunk to consent, though the crew has insisted that no one complained to them. Some crew members have even claimed that Corinne looked “fully engaged” during the hookup, which was caught on tape.

Corinne’s reportedly told her friends that she has a boyfriend and would have never purposefully done anything to jeopardize that relationship, especially on camera.

Corinne hasn’t blamed DeMario for the incident, as he was drunk, too. She’s reportedly planning on taking producers to court.

Hmmm….if you have a boyfriend that you are so dedicated to, why are you on the show?

Sounds like somebody got caught stealing and eating the cookies and now they want to regurgitate it.

I don’t by any means condone sexual assault. “No means No” even if you’re drunk. Even if the encounter has started and you’ve changed your mind.

But this chic here is known for her shenanigans. If you can remember Olympios behavior from The Bachelor with Nick Viall.

Did she have a boyfriend then as? JS

In January 2017, A man named Keith Berman, who says he had a fling with Olympios, wrote a blog about Olympios’ dating life and said that at the time, she was still with her on-again-off-again boyfriend. 

She literally pressed upon the fact to me that they were still together. She said to me, ‘We’re still together. I don’t want anyone to know — you have to keep this a secret for me.’ And I said, ‘OK, I’ll do whatever you want.’ That was what she had told me in person.

In March 2017, Berman also wrote that Olympios’ boyfriend called him on the phone to yell at him about his connection to Olympios.

Berman explained: He figured out [that Olympios and I hung out] two years ago and [more recently than that]; and they’ve apparently been dating/together for 3 years so you do the math, he thought she cheated on him. Or at least that’s what I thought he was mad about when he was yelling at me on the phone!

In March of 2017, Olympios told Us Weekly in March 2017 that she was not in a relationship and weeks later, she was revealed as a cast member on Bachelor in Paradise. But, while she was still contemplating joining the cast.  Olympios chatted with ET Online and talked about a “mystery man,” saying:

OK, so, this mystery man of mine. He’s going to remain a mystery, because … it’s so complicated. We’ve talked about [me possibly going to Paradise], that’s why everything’s really on the fence right now. With him, with Paradise, I don’t really even know what’s going on with any of it. Nothing’s set in stone on either end.

Olympios later teased on Facebook:

Who even knows if there still is a mystery man! Maybe I’m just fooling you all. I totally would do that too. Hint hint. I totally would! [Is the mystery man a tactic] to dodge Paradise? Maybe. You’ll never know.
Sounds to me like a whole lotta lying going on.

Production has been indefinitely halted, and its contestants were flown back home.

Warner Bros. is currently conducting its own probe, according to BuzzFeed News.

When will you guys learn. Everything that may look good, may not be good for you!



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