Canadian County Jail

In one of the most twisted and bizarre stories ever, the Midwest City Oklahoma Police say Daniel Thomas J. Deffner, 39, shared child pornography and discussed raping and torturing the unborn child of a pregnant woman with an unidentified person on Facebook. 

The police say the Deffner was also messaging the pregnant woman, described horrific sexual acts to the mother. The pregnant mother who agreed to allow Deffner to molest the newborn, also wanted to participate. 

Deffner’s Facebook activity involved exploitation of children and distribution of child porn linking back to Canadian County.

The police also discovered Deffner allegedly manipulated an 11 year old girl to send him nude photos. He also allegedly arranged a meet up with the child earlier this year, according to authorities.

Deffner faces charges for Procuring a Minor in Child Pornography, Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance and one count of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

The unidentified pregnant woman’s ñremaining children have been placed into protective custody with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, according to authorities.

Let them both rot in jail and please let CPS remove all the children from under the custody of their mother who is suppose to love and protect them. Hopefully the can remove the newborn as well and she lose custody.

What a wicked and sad world we live in. Smh


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