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I am a lover of horror movies. I have been since I was 16 and saw the best horror film ever (IMO) the original “Halloween” and the introduction of Michael Myers.

But lately most horror movies depend on “jump scares” instead of building up the movie based on suspense and making you sit on the edge of your chair for it.

Here comes the new movie “Wish Upon.”


Jonathan Shannon (Ryan Phillippe) gives his 17-year-old daughter Clare (Joey King) an old music box that promises to grant its owner seven wishes. Skeptical at first, Clare becomes seduced by its dark powers when her life starts to radically improve with each wish. Everything seems perfect until she realizes that every wish she makes causes the people who are closest to her to die in violent and elaborate ways.

May be worth the $12 movie ticket.

The film stars Joey King, Ki Hong Lee, Shannon Purser, Ryan Phillippe and Sherilyn Fenn.

The film opens July 14, 2017. Check your local listings for theaters and showtimes.

Watch out for what you wish for!


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