Imagine waking up and finding your spouse missing and three unknown men asking for money? 

That’s exactly what happened to a Fayette County Georgia couple on Friday.

In a home situated in the high-end subdivision Lake Horton Landing, the homeowner was awaken when she heard a noise and discovered her husband wasn’t in bed.

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She searched for where the noise was coming from and found three men standing over her bleeding husband. One of them had a gun. 

The men demanded cash, valuables, and jewelry. Two of them stole the couple’s gray Lexus and drove away. Then the third man left the home on foot and got away in what investigators believe was the get-away car that was use to get to the property.

After the wife called 911, her 74 year old husband was rushed to nearby Piedmont Fayette hospital where he later died of injuries from stab wounds. He was later identified as Albert Demagnus.

Using the information provided by the wife, police were able to immediately set up road blocks in the area. One of the officers responding to an emergency call that a vehicle was seen speeding away from the scene.

It was the stolen Lexus. The chase reached speeds of 130 mph before the suspects crashed the car. Two men jumped out and ran from the scene. 

At one of the checkpoints, a Lyft driver was coming to pick up a customer within the perimeter. It was just after 4:30 a.m. The sheriff was suspicious.

“Just a little bit of investigation lead us to believe this may be one of our suspects trying to leave the scene,” Sheriff Babb said. 

The Lyft driver was in a silver Chevrolet sedan, which is the exact same car he drives: ‘We had a Trojan horse moment.”

The sheriff and several deputies took his car to the pickup and arrested the suspect at 4:41 am. 

The second suspect was captured along Highway 92 at daybreak.

The third suspect who was believed to be driving an unknown vehicle is still on the run. 

Police do not have a specific description of the third suspect, but Sheriff Babb said the case is moving quickly. 

“I feel very confident that we will eventually find this third person,” he said. 

The sheriff’s office identified the two suspects in custody as 22-year-old Jeffrey Lee Wallace, of Atlanta, and 21-year-old Kavion Wyzeenski Tookes, of Decatur, Ga.

© 2017 WXIA-TV

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