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According to TMZ, Stephen Belafonte is requesting that his soon to be ex wife pay emergency spousal support to him.

What’s Mel B’s answer to that?

Mel B specifies that the $4,300 he is demanding for food and groceries comes down to $140 per day, which she equates to a week’s worth of food for a usual family of four.

No to his request for a $2,000 monthly clothing allowance, since he took his full wardrobe with him when he moved out of their home.

And no, to his request for a monthly amount of $11,000 for housing since he is currently living with friends.

He also claims that without the emergency spousal support, he’ll pretty much be “poor.” 

Mel adds that if he is working full time at popular restaurant Serafina and isn’t making any money, he “should get a job at a different restaurant.” 

It should also be noted that by “working there,” he means he is a co-owner, along with his estranged wife.

Man, just stop it. You don’t get to beat up and abuse your spouse and then expect her to take care of you.

There’s always work at the post office.


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