We all knew it was coming and Beaco was not about to let this one slip through their fingers. 

The made for TV wedding of Kenya Moore is on the horizon.

Kenya Moore who married her beloved Marc Daly in a private ceremony in St. Lucia wants to have another wedding for all her friends and family.

Apparently, the ceremony has a very limited guest list that included just her best friend, two of her aunts and her high school bestie. 

Kenya explained to People, “We wanted something simple and not overly complicated,” she said, before mentioning that Daly is “extremely romantic.” “He didn’t want something for show. He didn’t want it to be left up to other people’s interpretation of love. He just wanted it to be what he sees it: him looking into my eyes and us being together. It was just two people in love who wanted to get married.”


Since most of their friends and family did not get a chance to see them tie the knot, Moore said they plan on throwing a second wedding.

“We do plan on having a large wedding for all of our friends and family next June, so we’ll have everyone there,” she said.

As if we didn’t know…..


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