Nyla Lewis/Facebook

Another child has lost their life at the hands of their parent.

Nylah Lewis who was hospitalized on Father’s Day after a brutal beating from her teenage father has died.

She had been in critical condition since last Sunday, suffering from two major skull fractures and bruising on her face and legs. 

Her father, 19-year-old Shaquan Taylor, is accused of attacking the infant at an apartment in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, New York.

Saquan Taylor

Lewis received a Facebook message telling her there was a problem with Nylah and she needed to come to Taylor’s Coney Island apartment.

When Lewis arrived, she found her daughter gasping for air on the floor. She immediately grabbed Nylah and attempted to leave the building. Taylor then caught up with Lewis in the lobby, where he knocked her out with a punch to the face, said police.

An EMS crew arrived and took Nylah to Maimonides Medical Center, while Taylor continued to chase and beat Tammy Lewis. At the hospital, Nylah was in critical condition with multiple skull fractures, bleeding of the brain and a black eye. She also needed a blood transfusion.

“My granddaughter is brain dead,” said Belinda Lewis outside the hospital where her daughter Tammy was sitting bedside. “My daughter is devastated. She’s breaking down.”

Taylor was arrested and held on $250,000 bail on June 18. He was charged with felony assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child younger than 17. He was also charged with beating Lewis. Prosecutors are now seeking to upgrade those charges since the passing of Nylah.

Nylah Lewis/Facebook

Taylor had made troubling Facebook rants about wanting the mother to get an abortion, reported New York Daily News.

He posted in February 2016 that he never wanted baby Nylah’s mother to have the child.

“Feel mad disrespected,” wrote Taylor. “Told that lil b***h to get abortion [and] she tells me she is but still keep it. Exactly why I hate that lil b***h.”

He continued to speak ill of Lewis and suggested he no longer wanted a relationship with her.

“I didn’t even want to have a baby by her [and] it’s sad to say, but f**k it, s***t happens,” he wrote. “Please don’t ask who Nylah’s moms is nor do I still f**k with her cause NO. Just f**ked [her] thotty a**, that’s it.”


A judge has issued an order of protection against Taylor on behalf of Lewis.

Poor baby never even got to grow up enough to learn about the love from her mother.

My prayers go out to little Nylah, her mother Tammy and extended family.


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