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“All Eyez on Me” co-producer LT Hutton revealed that one of John Singleton’s drafts for Tupac’s biopic included a scene where the legendary rapper was assaulted while in prison.

Mike Windle, Getty Images

Now a transcript obtained by TMZ,  reveals that there was some heavy truth to what Hutton said. The script, titled “Revision Eight” does feature a scene that at least suggests some sort of assault happens on ‘Pac during his stay at Clinton Correctional Facility.

The transcript reads as follows:

“The guards usher in one by one about six inmates. Their faces predatory and degenerate. These are the worst prisoners in this facility. One [of] them licks his lips eyeing ’Pac.”

Subsequently, it cuts to a bloodied and beaten Tupac in his cell wearing a ripped prison uniform. The authenticity of the biopic has been in question since its release to theaters with Singleton being one of three directors to step away from the film since it began shooting in 2011.


TMZ also says that Greg Mielcarz, Morgan Creek Films’ Executive Vice President, authenticated the alleged Singleton script by saying it was “one of several versions penned by Mr. Singleton while he was working with Morgan Creek.”The script, labeled “REVISION EIGHT,” also has a scene where Tupac watches his mother, Afeni, having “adult fun” with a man and another woman.

We contacted the film’s producers, Morgan Creek, to authenticate the script. Marketing EVP Greg Mielcarz told us it’s “one of several versions penned by Mr Singleton while he was working with Morgan Creek.”

Sources connected to Singleton tell us the script was an early draft, but everything he wrote was approved by Tupac’s mother. Singleton’s said in the past he felt Morgan Creek disrespected Afeni, and that’s why he dropped out of the project.

LT Hutton & Benny Boom Discuss Creative Differences With John Singleton On The 2Pac Film 

Hmmmm….now just who do you think leaked that draft.

If this scene had been included, would you have attended the movie 


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