Frank Yeager (Courtesy Photo)

Real Estate Agents, be careful when you make that next appointment.

Frank Yeager, 33, regarded seeking out potential rape victims as “full time work” and wrote in a note, “I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize.” He compiled in a list more than 200 names, addresses and personal information about targets.

His prize? He was fixated on raping real estate agents.

Yeager, pleaded guilty to an attempted rape charge in 2013, got a 10- to 20-year prison sentence and later appealed that because, he argued, his lawyer did not question if his confession was legal has seen that sentence upheld by a judge.

Judge H. Geoffrey Moulton Jr. upheld Yeager’s sentence and portrayed him as a full-blown psychopath who was obsessed with rape, Penn Live reported.

This man plotted for five months to rape a real estate agent by luring her to a property, and even waited in the home for her with the lights off.

NBC 10/screenshot

The woman was suspicious when Yeager came to her office, and she declined to show him the house. Instead, she told him to look at it for himself. Yeager shut off the lights and waited. When the woman didn’t show, he went back to her office and made up a story that there was a water leak, but the agent didn’t buy it.

A male co-worker may have saved her from being attacked. When he walked into the office and Yeager left. An investigation into the incident soon followed after a description of Yeager was sent to other real estate offices and many responded he had been showing up all over.

NBC 10/Screenshot

Police found plans of rape, other killings and suicide were uncovered, as well as a “rape kit,” including scissors, knives, binoculars, a ski mask, gloves, rope two handguns, chain and duct tape.

According to Lehigh Valley Live, Yeager wrote in an entry that day, “I have been planning and wanted this my whole life […] the help I need is too great, and I would rather die.”

“I know it’s wrong, but I cannot fight the urges, go into and open house in some new development […] and know (sic) one will hear her scream,” he also wrote.

The news outlet detailed in a previous report that Yeager admitted “[t]his is a reality I created myself” and that he has “no excuses.”

“I deeply regret my effect on my victim and others. I want a better life […] and require help to make a change,” he said.

What a creep! Glad he’s tucked away tightly in a jail cell.


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