Ask Kara Young what’s most important in her life, and she’ll be quick to tell you God and her family.

But Young also has something else that is near and dear to her heart, being a Black Christian Entrepreneur. 

She started out with a dream of improving on styles for woman in Christ to not only celebrate their beliefs, but to look good by doing it. So she started taking ordinary shoes and making them stand out and fashionable for that “girly girl.” Shoes and T-Shirts expressing her love for her Christian faith emerged.

Young created unique pieces of jewelry that was tasteful without being gaudy under her company No’am Creations.

Quoting Young directly, “It’s a wonderful feeling to respond to someone ‘I made this’.”

Her love of creating things beautiful and unique didn’t stop at jewelry, T-shirts and shoes. She created Phones cases, and assorted items from her line.

And from there she launched her brain-child and current venture, PS 101 Soy Candles.

Her products are all natural and freshly scented

Not only did Young create candles, but she started a revolution with odor reducing sprays and scents that you can not only use in your warmer at home, but items you can bring and make your vacation destination more personal and familiar.

Young also creates party favors for weddings, baby showers and holidays.

But she never forgets her Christian message.

While becoming a creative force, Young never forgot her reasons for doing what she loves, her family. She has her supportive Husband and Daughter who were there from the ground up. Had it not been for them realizing the work you have to put in to be successful, while sacrificing valuable quality time on some occasions, all this would not have been possible.

Behind every Queen, there is a King and a Queen in the making pushing them on and upward.

And in all that she does, she still finds the time to support other talented small business owners.

If you are a skeptic, don’t take my word for it. Visit Kara Young’s various ventures and see for yourself!

I sure she can provide you with a product you’ll be telling all your friends about, and give you the good word, if you are in need of spiritual rejuvenation. 

Kara Young, feisty, business oriented and steadily keeping her eyez on the prize.

If you are interested any if the products shown, please reach out to Mrs. Young at the following.

Please support our brothers and sisters in preserving our heritage through black-owned businesses. 

Without your support, another dream fades….


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