Last night on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Kirk handed his estranged wife Rasheeda separation papers…..but he did it in front of the kids when this was suppose to be “family time.”

Kirk tried to explained that he had Rasheeda’s best interest at heart, by not allowing Jasmine, his alleged baby momma, to be able to to dip into Rasheeda’s pockets for them child support coins.

But Rasheeda looked quite confused as to why he was giving her these papers now? When previously, he was 100% on board for that DNA test.

How ever it was suppose to play out, it backfired. The move stunned Rasheeda, when he sprung it on her while she was enjoying a trip away with her kids Karter and Ky Frost and her mom Shirleen.

Momma Shirleen doesn’t trust it and is suspicious of Kirk’s actions. She thinks this is just another way for Kirk to snake out of taking the test.

We will all see how this plays out on next weeks Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Finale.


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