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This is the worst case of “What were you thinking?”

A Virginia Mom left her 9 year old daughter in a Metro PCS Store for an entire year to play with the electronics so she could attend Zumba classes at the Gym next door.

Witnesses later revealed that many parents typically leave their children together at the store to play with the electronics, while they take a Zumba class at Direct Nutrition, which is in the same strip mall.

Bad judgement.

Gerardo Israel Strauss, 36, also noticed the 9 year old unaccompanied and he began taking her into the back of the store and sexually assaulting her.

The girl under so much stress that she  finally told a school counselor about the ongoing molestation in April, and the counselor immediately called the authorities.

Strauss had plenty of time to groom his victim and there was no indication as the when and how long the abuse had been going on.

With the mother continuing pattern of dropping her daughter off there, that gave him time to think this out.

Because the girl’s mother was right next door and she never knowingly exposed her to the abuse, she is not currently facing any neglect charges.

Meanwhile, Strauss is facing aggravated sexual assault charges.
People was dismayed at the mother’s neglect by leaving her young daughter knowing all the dangers in the world today.

“Who just leaves their child in a business to go to a dance class? NOT that this is the moms fault but a little common sense would sure go a long way. If you can afford the zumba class you can afford a babysitter where your child is safe,” one woman commented on the 13 News Now Facebook page.

“I am not a victim shamer and I hope the guy in this store is punished to the full extent of the law where he can do no harm ever again. But also I hope this story serves as an example to parents that leaving children unattended in stores is not a safe alternative. Things happen and even babysitters we trust break that trust but even beyond the horrific nature of what happened to this girl and possibly other children these kids also could of been abducted,” another added.

What are your thoughts?


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