Gabe Ginsberg/Getty
Rob Kardashian isn’t letting up. 

He posted a clip on social media clowning Chyna by allegedly taking back all of the luxury cars he got Chyna throughout their relationship.

Peep this.

Okay Rob, we get that you’re having a moment, but don’t forget your daughter will grow up and she may see all of this.

As of Thursday afternoon, Kardashian’s Instagram account has been suspended (or shut down by the Arthur George sock designer, depending upon whose story is to be believed), and Chyna is allegedly seeking legal action against her former fiance (and father of her baby daughter Dream) for posting several nude photos of her without her consent.

In a post to Facebook Wednesday, she wrote a lengthy response to her ex’s slut-shaming.

Meanwhile the memes just keep on coming.

#BlacChyna 😂 #WSHH

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We hope this all ends quickly and quietly.


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