China Anne McClain is one of the trio talented sisters who have appeared in numerous films and TV series, such as Tyler Perry’s “Daddy’s Little Girls” and “House of Payne.

Well she’s all grown up now.

McClain, who is 18 now and just graduated from her LA high school and is looking to continue her acting and music career.


The actress and singer has been in show business for more than half of her life. 

She is also part of a girl’s singing group called McClain, which features her sisters, as well.

McClain was discovered n 2005 by a music executive who heard her sing and decided to cast her in the feature film The Gospel. This is also when Tyler Perry discovered her talent as well.


McClain has also starred in Disney Channel Original Movies. Her cover of Tiao Cruz’s “Dynamtie” played on the channel incessantly, a favorite of children everywhere.

She’s a big proponent of social justice and body positivity. She uses her social media platforms to post inspirational messaged to fans, encouraging them to love their “battle scars.”


China Anne McClain most recently starred in the pirate sequel Descendants 2. She lives in LA and is planning on focusing her free time since graduating high school, to further her show business career. 

You live young lady!


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