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While we were watching the tea spilled on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” last night, Jasmine Washington was lighting another pot.

Jasmine, Kirk’s alleged baby momma watched Love & Hip Hop and she just had one too many cups of tea without sugar or something because she was on social media dropping spoonsful of unsweetened, bitter tea.

In a series of Instagram posts, it all started with cryptic messages like “Liar liar pants on fire, shall I start posting texts?”

Then the receipts came through showing that Kirk allegedly bought the dress that Jasmine wore to her baby shower from RASHEEDA’s store, Pressed.

Low blow Kirk.

She also posted a series of texts that appears to be from 2015:

Rasheeda definitely wasn’t playing for the cameras. She showed sincere devestation when she spoke about the situation last night.

“I grew up with this man, and he’s hurt me and it’s crazy because he’s also helped me become the woman who I am today. When you hurt somebody, you dismantle a bond, that’s the hardest thing to get over.”

Our hearts were with Rasheeda last night on this.


We’re sure this isn’t all Jasmine is holding and waiting to divulge.


Kirk it ain’t looking good Bro! 

You may not be the baby daddy, but you’re definitely guilty as charged.


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