We all know you don’t mess with Kris Jenner’s kids and she may have shown Black Chyna who’s the boss. 

E! News has just announced that they will not be running Rob and BC’s reality show “Rob and Chyna.”

The network stated to Variety “While filming on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ has been ongoing, spin-off ‘Rob & Chyna’ has not been in production for several months and the series is not currently on the E! schedule.”

Getty Images

That will cost Chyna approximately $1 million coins that she will not see.


Did Chyna really think Kris was going to allow her to tarnish their good (a’hem) name and continue to cash in?

According to TMZ, the pair agreed to a non-formal 50/50 custody split. The verbal agreement allows Kardashian to have baby Dream for four days out of the week, while Chyna picks up the remaining three.

Getty Images

The outlets are reporting the pair may enter into a written agreement, but they have no plans of formalizing it under a judge.


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