Two Florida police officers may be looking for new jobs soon.

June 19, 2017, Aramis Ayala was stopped by police officers for a traffic stop that some have never heard of before.

The two officers approach her vehicle and take positions on the driver’s and passenger’s sides of the car.

Ayala pulls out her license and hands it to one of the officers.

The officer asks about a symbol on her license indicating she is a state attorney. 

That’s right, they pulled over Florida’s only Black female State Attorney.

Ayala questions why the officers pulled her over, they seemed to don’t have a reasonable explanation.

See for yourself.

The officer tries to explain that Ayala’s tags did not come up when they ran them and that her windows were dark, prompting them to stop her. However, the officer also stated that he didn’t have a device to measure the tint level of her windows. 


Sounds like some bullshiggidy to me!

Ayala asks for the officer’s business cards and the officer writes down his name on a piece of notebook paper instead.

Looks like someone stepped in the soup this time.

There’s work at the post office boys…


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