Arizona Veterans Forum

Lee Hernandez, who is under hospice care at his home in New Bravos, Texas, wants you to send him text messages or give him a call.

The 47-year-old’s body is deteriorating despite three brain surgeries. He’s having continuous strokes that have affected his vision and cognitive abilities. 

Doctors say there is nothing more they can do but make him comfortable.

Ernestine Hernandez, the veteran’s wife, says despite his circumstances, she thinks she’s found way to brighten Lee’s day: phone calls and text messages from others.

Lee asked his wife to hold onto his phone one day “in case someone calls.” After nearly two hours with no calls, Lee told his wife, “I guess no one wants to talk to me.”

She reached out to “Caregivers of Wounded Warriors” to spread Lee’s request. 

Lee is an 18½-year Army veteran who served a tour in Iraq.

Since the Arizona Veterans Forum posted his last wish on Facebook, he has been overloaded with calls from veterans and people who want to let him know he is not alone. 

His wife reads the many text messages and cards he has received to Lee, who is now blind, and she says he loves to listen to the outpouring of support.

Lee Hernandez’s phone number is (210) 632-6778. Help show him he’s not alone.


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