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Well, we told you yesterday about Conor McGregor and his history of racist remarks.

So McGregor decided to use better judgement when speaking by calling Rapper 50 Cent a “B*tch.”

The Irishman came out shirtless with a fur coat wrapped around his shoulders as he told the crowd, “50 Cent is a b****!”

(Shaking my head)

50 Cents went to Instagram to ask Conor a question after he got word about McGregor’s decision to reference him in that manner.

👀what the fuck wrong wit this white boy, you fighting Floyd not me fool. LOL

A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

And then 50 followed up that post with another one Friday, this time calling the UFC star a “little leprechaun,” promising that Mayweather will defeat him to improve to 50-0. And he did it by posting an accompanying shot of a FaceTime screenshot between he and Floyd.

Somebody stop him. 

Keep him away from the “Lucky Charms”  and tell McGregor to back away from the Irish coffee.


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