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For two days in a row, Mixed Martial Artist Conor McGregor has repeated the racist rant that had Twitter buzzed.

McGregor told Floyd Mayweather Jr. to “dance for me, boy” while on their joint promotion tour leading up to their mega fight on August 26.

And then on Wednesday he repeated the same statement in Toronto.

So now you know this wasn’t just a slip of the tongue.

But now the word on the street is that this is how the REAL McGregor has always acted.

The proof is in the receipts.

And again.

There is a scene from Rocky 3 where Rocky goes to Apollo old gym to train after he is beat by Clubber Lang. McGregor describes this scene as “the gym with the Dancing Monkeys”.

McGregor called UFC fighter Nate Diaz a “cholo gangster from the hood” last year.

Nate Diaz is a Mexican-American MMA fighter.

During the promotion of his December 2015 UFC bout against Jose Aldo, McGregor told the Brazilian fighter that he would “invade his favela on horseback.”

Twitter has been weighing in on the situation.

Let’s just see if McGregor can take them punches as well as he runs his mouth on August 26! ☠️

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