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Obtained by the Tea Tenders blog, a video has surfaced that clearly shows 2 Chainz standing face-to-face with Rem and her husband, Papoose. 

We can’t hear the actual conversation that went down. But if Trey Songz’ reaction to what was happening is any indication, it was pretty intense. Songz who also performed at the Hot 97 festivities seems to be chuckling from witnessing the encounter. 

Just to jog your memory some, Tity Boi shared on the radio show that Remy approached him to his face to tell him that she didn’t “rock with” him anymore for teaming up with Nicki on the track and allowing her to throw a jab at the Bronx femcee. Pap also asked why he allowed the controversy, which the Pretty Girls Like Trap Music artist told Streetz Iz Watchin was completely out of his control.

“Like I told them that I had no control over someone else’s artistic expression,” he said. “I send her a song, this is what the song apparently made her say or do.”


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