Nothing is private these days especially on our favorite devices, like our phones.

Beyonce found that out the hard way!

An anonymous hacker has broken into Beyoncé’s cloud and leaked some of her personal videos and the hacker has issued a warning for the release of everything on her phone.

The hacker, @tarajixone has boasted about what she has found. Her boast is threatening in tone where she or he writes, “Thank God I didn’t post the REAL good videos!” 

What’s worse is the hacker apparently has a separate account for his or her closer acquaintances where the intent is to show the juicier videos and photos with her followers! 

Beyonce has the right to privacy and not sharing everything with the world because this is HER family and THEIR private life.

No public request has been made for money or anything.

Which makes you wonder what is the hacker’s intention?

Do you think Beyoncé can rise above any backlash or embarrassment.

Let’s hope whom ever is holding her information hostage, just let’s it go.


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