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It’s no secret that Lebron James and his step-Father, Miami Rapper Da Real Lambo, have some bitter blood between them. 

Mainly because of the way he treated Lebron’s Mother Gloria. A report claimed the NBA star made his mother dump the Miami rapper after he cheated on her. 

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But now Lambo is threatening to tear down “King James” empire by exposing that James allegedly cheated on his wife.


Lambo posted a video explaining how he knows he’s not perfect and loves his wife, and he threatens King James in the process.


Oh yeah, he’s in dem streets talking.

James has always been the epitome of how you can be a superstar in sports, be around the groupies and up in parties, and stay humble and faithful.

But with this alleged new information Lambo is trying to convince us of, could this be true?

And on top of all this came the news that Kyrie Irving, James’ 3 year running mate has asked the Cavaliers to trade him, totally “blindsiding” James.

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What was Gloria James thinking?


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