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Are Gilbert Arenas and Kodak Black suffering from the same illness?

It’s called “Self Hate Syndrome.”

Oscar winning Actress Lupita Nyong’o posted a beautiful picture wearing an all white bikini while she was vacationing in Mexico.

Here comes in old, rusted and retired Arenas with his same game about her skin tone.

Someone decided to tagged “No Chill Gil” in the pic, for his comments last April when he said Nyong’go would “look better in the dark.”

And he just couldn’t let that go. 

Arenas responded to the person and threw some more shade towards Lupita by repeating his insulting comment.

Arenas had a light, bright and almost white Chica in Laura Govan.

How’d that didn’t work out for you?

As for Lupita, keep on slaying on the beach and in films, because you’re still an “A-Lister” and he’s moved down to…..what’s after “D?”


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