On May 12, 2017, I did a story on a little boy who was tortured and killed by his Father and step-Mother. This is a follow up to this story that touched my heart and many others.

Adrian Jones was just 7 years old when the little boy with the bright eyes and big smile was beaten, tortured and killed, then fed to the pigs by his own biological Dad and step-Mother.

Now a friend of the family is trying to make sure this doesn’t happen to another kid and find justice for the little boy with the bright eyes.

Erin Christine Viren, a friend of little Adrian’s mother, says the police, CPS and many of the neighbors knew of the abuse and that no one interceded to prevent this little boy’s death.

There was hours of videotape that the step-Mother kept documenting Adrian’s torture. Some of it so graphic that I will not show on my site.

Judy Conway, the grandmother of Adrian is trying desperately to put “Adrian’s Law” into effect that would require anyone in a home where suspected child abuse is occurring to be mandated to report the abuse.

You would think this is common sense, but believe it or not, people do turn a blind eye.

There was allegedly evidence that there was another adult living in the home at the time when Adrian was being tortured that did nothing.

She also wants a reform of home schooling rules in Kansas. Conway believes home schooling was one way Jones and his wife prevented anyone from knowing what was happening to Adrian.

Adrian’s grandmother Judy Conway

Conway has even written to Gov. Sam Brownback to express her dismay, has never heard back.

She wants Kansas to adopt requirements that include background checks for those registering home schools and a flagging system for at-risk children.

But Kansas doesn’t regulate home schooling. Under state law, home schools are considered unaccredited private schools. Families are only required to report to the state the name and location of their home school and the name of the person maintaining records.

Michael Jones, Adrian’s Father got away with the abuse for this reason.  Jones registered his school July 17, 2012, naming it “Jones Academy.” 

Conway has contacted several state representatives to bring attention to Adrian’s story and its connection to home schooling. She is hoping for a bill, perhaps named in his honor, next legislative session.

Virin takes this matter to heart as well. She is so desperate to let the world know about this Adrian’s life and subsequent death, that she has been reaching out to “The Dr. Phil Show” for exposure.

But as of this report, her emails have went unnoticed.

But that will not deter Virin.  She along with Conway will not let Adrian die in vain.

So I call out to you Dr. Phil. I’m a small town blogger, but I am very much a lover of the human race, especially children.

No child in a country where we freedom of thought and speech should have to suffer in silence with no one to speak for them.

Please contact Ms. Virin and let her know that you do care about this little boy, even though he is no longer with us.

And legislators in Kansas, help Ms. Conway get “Adrian’s Law” enacted so that no one can turn away from the horror of child abuse.

I wish Ms. Virin and Ms. Conway all the best.

I will stay on top this story and update you as I receive new information.

Good luck ladies.


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